Gibbs Brand Lubricant is the first patented product of its kind designed to lubricate, stop and eliminate corrosion, displace moisture, penetrate, clean and provide long lasting protection.

Cleans build-up and adhesion of all types of soils and contaminants, including varnish, carbon deposits, chemical residues, sludge and rust; or material that is generated externally, such as scale, welding slag, rust, and machining and metal debris.

Penetrates to free rusted, corroded frozen parts and fastners like nuts, bolts, fittings, valves, locks and other rotating parts. Restores metal to its original shine.

Lubricates all moving parts such as wheel bearings, hinges, rollers, chains, and gears and completely waterproofs machinery wiring, ignition systems, and circuitry.

Preserves metal and minimizes the possibility of oxidization. Over time, the more times Gibbs Brand is applied, the more effective it will be.

Protects against rust and corrosion and keeps parts friction-free leaving behind a microscopic protective film that remains on the metal even after repeated use, harsh environmental conditions, and long-term storage. Seals moisture out, puts lubricant in.

  • We have used GIBBS on all our 23 tractors. It has unstuck everything from a 35-year old plow to many, many tractor parts. GIBBS is a must tool that every restorer should have.
    Bob Prenzler Brant, Michigan