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When conducting preventative maintenance on military M-16s and civilian AR-15s or any other weapon system for that matter, GIBBS is the best weapons lubricant and corrosion preventative substance available anywhere because of its tendency not to induce malfunctions due to over lubrication.
Officer Bruce Coxworthy, Weapons Officer & Director Rangemasters Association of Flint Michigan

We were introduced to GIBBS in the fall of 1999 while training at the FBI Chicago Regional Training Facility. I was firing a Thompson submachine gun and after about 20 rounds the weapon began to malfunction. Upon inspection we found the problem was a dirty weapon. One of the instructors suggested I spray the weapon with GIBBS Brand Lubricant. I was able to complete the exercise firing approximately 500 rounds (500RDS) without another malfunction. The Chicago Police Department is convinced we can not afford to be without GIBBS. It’s a superior product.
Officer M.S. Firearms Training Officer Chicago Police Department

I wish all spray containers used the nozzle technology that GIBBS does. The spray nozzle is exceptional. Using the unique release valve, you’re able to spray the amount you want where you want, from foam, to a drip, to a fine stream, to a full BLAST! It’s almost like a variable speed hand tool! You can coat the surface or get into hard to reach areas and you don’t have to keep up with a little red straw. If you need to cover a large area, remove the insert inside the spout and get coverage similar to a paint spray. No waste and no back-spray like you do from other products.
L.W. Euless, Texas Corporate Businessman, Rancher and Sportsman

We are using GIBBS on all of our shotguns, automatic weapons, and GLOCK handguns. GIBBS penetration action has proven to be effective in cleaning, lubrication, and protecting our guns from the elements! It eliminates jamming and excess lubrication.
Officer Mike Carpenter Detroit Police Department

We have used GIBBS on many parts of our race car: upper and lower arms, tie rod ends, linkage, joints, and lug nuts. We use it on most of the moving parts on a regular basis. It’s also useful on rusty bolts to break them free. It’s a very universal product and you can never have too much on hand. We are firm believers in GIBBS and highly recommend it to others.
The Parady Race Team

We use GIBBS for aluminum cylinder heads, counter boring, and putting valve seats in. GIBBS keeps the sides of the cutter right, doesn’t tear the aluminum, and keeps a smooth finish. We also found out that it prolongs tool life. GIBBS also removes rusty bolts and keeps stored engine heads from rusting.
Roger Tausch, Owner Roger’s Machine Shop

We understand how everyone cringes when the thought of breaking bleeder screws loose enters the conversation. But never fear, MCR found the solution GIBBSTM Brand Lubricant. We’ve been this amazing product around the shop ever since. We’ve never used a penetrating oil that worked so fast. It seems like the rust just melts away. We’ve used it on every rusty bolt we’ve come across and we haven’t snapped one yet. It’s also a great lubricant when you’re drilling metal of all type. GIBBS is something that every enthusiast should have in his tool box.
Musclecar Review, May, 1993

I’ve been working with weapons since 1979. Our department used many different cleaner/lubricants to give our officers a well-protected weapon until we were introduced to GIBBS. In my opinion GIBBS surpasses all the products on the market for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting surfaces inside and out.

GIBBS dries and leaves an invisible, waterproof, protected finish on the weapons. Whether the weapon is in service or stored, you won’t have to worry about moisture causing rust or corrosion and affecting the weapon in any way. It doesn’t jell in cold weather or is it a “dust collector.”

Before I was convinced of how superior GIBBS worked, I did a test of my own. I put my GLOCK with a full clip in a plastic container, covered it with GIBBS and soaked it for 10 days. Then I wiped it down with a clean cloth, took it to the range and fired without any problems. After that test, I was convinced that GIBBS was the only gun care I would ever use and recommend.

If that wasn’t enough, the next time I participated in a police semi-auto pistol combat course, I fired 535 RDS in four hours without a weapon malfunction! I punched the bore with GIBBS prior to firing at the start of the exercise. I was very y impressed how easily the bore came clean.

In closing, I would like to thank GIBBS for providing a superior product for law enforcement and the weapons industry. It’s the one product that does it all!

Officer Fred Stinson Detroit Police Department Armor Gunsmith Department, Firearms Repair Unit

GIBBS Brand Lubricant is a vital part of my racing program. I won’t leave for the track without it!
Al Thiel, Race Car Driver RCCA #84

We have used GIBBS on all our 23 tractors. It has unstuck everything from a 35-year old plow to many, many tractor parts. GIBBS is a must tool that every restorer should have.
Bob Prenzler Brant, Michigan

The Troy Police Department has been using GIBBS Brand Lubricant since the spring of 2001 on all of our firearms, handguns, patrol rifles, sniper rifles, and submachine guns and we’ve experienced NO MALFUNCTIONS due to improper lubricating. We also clean our weapons in an ultrasonic cleaning tank using GIBBS instead of the manufacturer’s products. We have absolutely NO ISSUES with malfunctions and find the subsequent cleanings become easier and easier on our weapons, including fully suppressed MP-5 SDs. GIBBS has no equals when it comes to cleaning and lubricating firearms. Keep up the good work.
Sergeant Michael Bjork Troy Police Department

I saw your product demonstrated at the auto fair in Charlotte, N.C. I purchased a starter set to see if it really would work on MY project-the dismantling of a 1971 MGB. Well, I’m a believer now-it does everything you claim it does if not more. Please find my enclosed order for more GIBBS and make sure you include another form with this shipment. Thank you.
William Belloit